Weather increasingly disrupts global business performance

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Unpredictable weather disrupts the performance of 70% of businesses worldwide. Climate change is making severe weather even more common. Businesses need a global WeatherTech authority to manage weather-related risks, to save money, time, lives, and the environment. Meet MeteoGroup, trusted partner of hundreds of government agencies, thousands of companies, and millions of consumers.
  • Ultra-accurate forecasting built on the world's best weather models
  • 120+ meteorologists delivering the highest quality and support
  • 8 product suites increase efficiency for multiple industries
  • State-of-the-art technology provides ultra-accurate forecasting


Minimize voyage costs. Provide safer real-time onboard route optimization. Try MeteoGroup's best-in-class shipping solution suite: SPOS


Counteract the weather's unpredictability. Utilize always up-to-date forecast data. Keep your offshore operations safe with MeteoGroup's offshore solution suite: NOWCASTING PRO.


Ensure efficient road, improve airport operations and optimize railway maintenance with MeteoGroup's transport solution suite: ROADMASTER


Improve trading decisions, transmission, distribution planning and more with MeteoGroup's energy solution suite: DLR


Provide cutting edge weather presentations with MeteoGroup's media solution: WEATHERSUITE


Limit the impact of rain on operations, assets and infrastructures with MeteoGroup's water solution suite: HYDROMASTER

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