A combination of multiple data sources, skilled meteorologists, ground-breaking research and state-of-the-art technology enable us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts and sophisticated solutions in the market. We continue to improve our forecasting techniques, monitor output quality and calibrate our systems to maintain our market-leading position.

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Provincie Limburg goed voorbereid op Russische Beer

De winter zit er weer op. Veel mensen zijn blij. Toch zijn er ook mensen die dat best jammer vinden. Gladheidsbestrijders Frits van de Weijer en Ard Swinkels, van de Provincie Limburg geven in het magazine van de provincie, Limburg.org juist aan blij te worden van Russische beren die ons land komen teisteren. Zij waren goed voorbereid en konden daarom die beer wel aan! 

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Now on Forbes.com: interview with MeteoGroup CEO Donat Retif

'Precision Weather Forecasts Instrumental In Energy Industry's Efficiency Drive'

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Our events

Energy Weather Seminars

In this one day weather seminar one of our experienced meteorologists explains the mechanisms of weather formation.

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APWA North American Snow Conference

The APWA Snow Conference takes place in Indianapolis, May 6 - May 9, 2018. MeteoGroup is looking forward to meet you there!

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What our customers say

Bixia chose MeteoGroup as they have a proven track record of delivering high quality forecasts, at a reasonable cost. We're confident that with their help we will be able to lower our costs.

Morgan Andersson Energy Trader, Bixia

MeteoGroup is the first place to go if the weather can impact your business. Keep up the great work and thank you to the staff.

Simon Cardy Senior Meteorologist, SSE


Operational WRF wind farm power forecasting

As the number of wind farms increase, so does the demand for accurate forecasting techniques. Here we evaluate the use of WRF to produce operational two-day forecasts. 


Wind jump in extra-tropical cyclones

Extreme winds are influenced by ageostrophic effects, but which effect is responsible for the "wind jump"?


The impact of mesoscale modelling on offshore operational planning

A study improving the accuracy of wave height forecasts using high resolution winds


Estimating global radiation with a semi-statistical approach

Using MeteoSat spectral channels and ground station measurements to estimate global radiation