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Weather increasingly disrupts global business performance. Let our weather intelligence help you avoid the storm.

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Winter Outlook Webinar: Winter is coming! Is your business prepared?

Tailored to cater for diverse industries such as Transport, Utility, Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, and Retail, we are organizing a Winter Outlook Webinar focusing on our unique sub seasonal and seasonal forecasting capabilities. In a concise and to-the-point 30 minute session, you will have the opportunity to hear about what is influencing our preliminary thoughts on the upcoming winter season and how we envisage the weather might impact your business. In this webinar you'll learn about:
  • The importance of using seasonal and sub-seasonal range forecasts to anticipate weather extremes and business impacts
  • The skill and capability of our long-range forecasts and products, and how to interpret long range forecasts correctly
  • A short review of last winter and this past summer in Europe (and how our forecasts performed)
  • A summary of our thoughts on winter 2019 - 2020 for Europe
  • How the expected weather patterns this winter could impact various business sectors in Europe


Minimize voyage costs. Provide safer real-time onboard route optimization. Try MeteoGroup's best-in-class shipping solution suite: SPOS


Counteract the weather's unpredictability. Utilize always up-to-date forecast data. Keep your offshore operations safe with MeteoGroup's offshore solution suite: NOWCASTING PRO.


Ensure efficient road, improve airport operations and optimize railway maintenance with MeteoGroup's transport solution suite: ROADMASTER


Improve trading decisions, transmission, distribution planning and more with MeteoGroup's energy solution suite: DLR


Provide cutting edge weather presentations with MeteoGroup's media solution: WEATHERSUITE


Limit the impact of rain on operations, assets and infrastructures with MeteoGroup's water solution suite: HYDROMASTER

Weather Forecasting: How It’s Made

It’s all very well reading blogs and news articles on the importance of weather forecasting. But sometimes, all you want to know is how it’s done. So, for all data scientists, meteorologists, meteorologists-to-be and other curious people among you, we’ve created the How It’s Made Series. In these articles, we’ll give you a look under the hood of weather forecasting, by sharing the knowledge and experience of MeteoGroup specialists for free. We cover observations to quality control and everything in between, to help show you how the weather forecast is made.

Global reach. Hyper local availability

Unpredictable weather disrupts the performance of 70% of businesses worldwide. Climate change is making severe weather even more common. Businesses need a global WeatherTech authority to manage weather-related risks, to save money, time, lives, and the environment. Meet MeteoGroup, trusted partner of hundreds of government agencies, thousands of companies, and millions of consumers.
  • Ultra-accurate forecasting built on the world's best weather models
  • 120+ meteorologists delivering the highest quality and support
  • 8 product suites increase efficiency for multiple industries
  • State-of-the-art technology provides ultra-accurate forecasting

Download eBook: The Internet of Everything & the Weather: A business success formula

Whether you’re in energy, automotive, insurance or any other industry: the weather plays an increasingly important role in your company story. It’s why everyone from breweries to automotive companies have started investing in highly accurate weather forecasting to make better strategic decisions. In this ebook, we’ll tell you the reason behind this development and give you the tools to become a weather-driven business yourself. One of these tools is the Internet of Things, or better put: the Internet of Everything. Because in a world where everything is changing, information on everything is just the thing you need. This ebook includes:
  • The six worldwide changes that impact all sectors
  • Six real-life cases of weather-driven sector winners
  • An explanation of the Internet of Everything
  • Your business success formula