Aircraft IceGuard

Keep your planes safe and ready to fly with advanced de-icing forecasts based on advanced wing observations

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Aircraft IceGuard

You need your de-icing operations to be efficient, and for that you need the most accurate wing-temperature data. Our combination of observations and forecasts allows you to plan ahead for icy conditions more efficiently, helping you increase safety and reduce transfer times. Sensors on your aircraft's wings provide you with the exact wing temperature data you need to plan your de-icing efficiently and effectively, helping you reduce costs, environmental impact and flight delays.
  • A combination of forecast data and observations alerts you ahead of time and allows you to more efficiently plan for icy conditions. Historical data increases forecast accuracy, increasing confidence in your planning.
  • Dew Point Measurements show indications of hoar frost on wings. They allow you to take immediate preventative action.
  • Our system's observations and forecasts help you prevent ice formation on the apron.

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