Balancing Supply & Demand

Leveraging the full potential of fluctuating energy markets

MeteoGroup provides highly accurate and continuously updated weather analyses and solutions, giving you access to the forecasts and weather data you need to make the best trading decisions possible.

1 hour - 6 months ahead is the time range for our forecasts.

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Gas Allocation Temperature

Specifically designed for the needs of the German gas market and its new regulator guidelines, MeteoGroup’s Gas Allocation Temperature (GAT) is proven to deliver the most accurate forecast of gas demand. Minimize mismatch and related costs.

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World Climate Service

WCS, a joint collaboration with US-based Prescient Weather Ltd., provides long-term weather forecast services up to six months in advance.

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Forecasts & Climate Data

Our extensive network of observation stations delivers in-depth data to allow you to precisely anticipate power demand and supply. Accurate and reliable forecast data is available for locations worldwide.

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Support and Consultation

Our expert team of more than 150 meteorologists is on hand 24/7/365 to provide consultation and support, pointing out critical weather incidents before they happen and providing the trend information that will help you do your job better.

With offices in 17 countries around the world, MeteoGroup is perfectly placed to provide local services to a global audience

What our customers say

We are very pleased, that MeteoGroup’s meteorological know-how will round off the information offered on the transparency platform.

Tobias Paulun Board Member for Strategy at EEX

MeteoGroup is the first place to go if the weather can impact your business. Keep up the great work and thank you to the staff.

Simon Cardy Senior Meteorologist, SSE

Medium range weather forecasting and the effect on the bottom line

The key to medium range forecasting is understanding uncertainty. Read on to better understand how to deal with risk and more confidently plan ahead for "that" weather related event.