BBC Weather launches new service provided by MeteoGroup

Over the past few weeks, MeteoGroup has been introducing exciting new updates to the BBC’s weather service. Millions of users of the BBC Weather website and applications on iOS, Android and Kindle have already seen a number of improvements before launching on broadcast today.

MeteoGroup’s service has brought the BBC more forecast data, overhauled the technical architecture behind the online weather services by moving to Cloud technology and improved the way that weather is displayed across all platforms. The improvements to BBC Weather online and via the BBC Weather App include:

  • New 14-day forecast: The BBC Weather site and apps now have access to more data than ever before which means viewers can be shown up to 14 days of hourly forecast data for UK locations and major international cities.
  • New forecast features: In addition to new moving graphics, the updated weather service adds new data fields such as ‘chance of rain’ and ‘feels like’ temperature, to provide additional information and help viewers plan their days.
  • More locations: Thousands of new locations have been added to the database, including many international locations, to make sure viewers can find the weather for where they are and wherever they want to go.
  • New interactive map: On the website a new weather map for all forecast locations will be visible, helping to show the bigger picture of the weather ahead which will be personalised to the user. 

Peter Ruchatz, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, MeteoGroup, said: The team at MeteoGroup are proud to be working with the BBC to ensure that viewers receive the best possible weather service. The new service will provide BBC viewers with accurate forecasting and new state-of-the-art graphics. The successful implementation of these weather services across all BBC platforms – TV, radio, web and mobile, worldwide – has required a high level of technical expertise, rigorous planning and a lot of hard work from both parties. MeteoGroup and the BBC have been relentlessly pursuing excellence together, and we look forward to seeing the benefits of this service for BBC viewers.”

Liz Howell, BBC Head of Weather, said: “We know how important weather is to all of our audiences both in the UK and globally, so I am delighted to be able to bring them a refreshed look, new data and additional functionality. The story doesn’t end on the day we launch – we have plans for exciting innovation on all platforms which we hope will help BBC Weather stay world leading for many years to come.”

MeteoGroup is providing the BBC with its advanced WeatherSuite product. WeatherSuite is the weather solution for the world’s leading media companies providing viewers with the very highest accuracy, visualization quality and consistency across TV, online and mobile platforms. WeatherSuite offers customers a full range of tools which enables presenters to tell an engaging story and producers to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and reliable production.

BBC Weather today is a fully multimedia operation, offering up-to-the minute weather information within the UK and globally across TV, radio, online and mobile. Today, BBC Weather produces more than 400 weather broadcasts a day, and forecasts for thousands of locations around the globe, compared to one broadcast a day in the early years on TV.

For more information, see this BBC blog.

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