THE BIG CHANGE and the Pursuit of Sustainable Shipping

Significant changes are happening in the shipping industry. New regulations from the IMO, a growing focus on environmental issues, and changes in weather/ocean data mean that doing the same is no longer an option. As a result, we’re working with shipping companies to turn these changes into opportunities and help them pursue sustainable shipping strategies.



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What is the big change coming for the shipping industry?

This big change is, in fact, a combination of smaller changes that come together to create more substantial impacts for the industry. These changes include both macro world trends, like climate change, as well as industry-specific factors, such as new fuel regulation and weather/ocean data changes.


Change brings about sustainable shipping opportunities

Business profitability and sustainability are two of the critical priorities for senior leaders in the shipping industry. While change is coming, it’s also opening up new opportunities to support these key objectives.


Whether you’re a charterer, shipowner, or a vessel manager, it’s no surprise that the weather impacts your work. This situation has always been the case for shipping companies. So the question is, what are the opportunities emerging as a result of the big change? And what do they mean to your organization?


Today, weather data is not only crucial for avoiding adverse weather conditions and optimizing routes. It also helps to ensures each ship runs at peak performance. From pre-voyage planning to compliance and beyond, weather routing supports sustainable, cost-effective shipping, and can help you to reduce fuel consumption.


We’ve come to learn, through working closely with our shipping clients, that weather data can be an active driver for sustainable shipping and cost-savings.


THE BIG CHANGE ... and the Pursuit of Sustainable Shipping


In a short and to-the-point 10-minute session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the shipping experts on the significant changes facing the shipping industry. They’ll explain the emerging opportunities in more detail, and explore how they can be put into practice.