Alexander Brand

Position title: Tender Manager Transport
Office location: London (UK)

What I do: I am responsible for managing responses to high-value, transport-sector tenders from around the world. I lead bid teams comprising of colleagues and experts from all departments within MeteoGroup. 

My key tasks are: End-to-end management of the bid process within our transport sector. Key tasks include qualifying the tender opportunity with the Sales Manager, creating the bid project strategy, leading the kick-off meeting after the tender is published, carrying out review meetings to track progress, and finally delivering the bid. 

A typical Monday:

Morning: If I’m in the middle of a bid project, the first thing I’ll do on a Monday morning (besides having a cup of coffee) is check the project timeline to get an overview of all tasks that need completing before the end of the week. 

Afternoon: The afternoon is a good time to hold the first review meeting of the week. This gives me an opportunity to make sure everyone on my team is aware of upcoming deadlines. I will bring together the whole team but also have one-on-one sessions depending on the areas of the tender response that require more attention. 

Evening: I reserve this time for assessing the day’s progress and making changes to the project timeline according to the new information received by the team. I’ll make sure all tender files remain organised and accessible. 

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to plan ahead and always have a backup plan. This not only gives you peace of mind like an insurance policy, but it also means you never miss a deadline.