Anna Pillen

Position title: International Corporate Recruiter
Office location: Wageningen (Netherlands)

What I do: I’m responsible for the recruitment of all employees throughout the organization, at all 17 office locations.

My key tasks are: Together with the Hiring Manager, I make sure that we hire the best talents for MeteoGroup. This involves creating job descriptions, searching, screening, interviewing and onboarding.

A typical Thursday: 

Morning: I have an active start to the day. I jump in the pool at 7.05 am and swim for about 50 minutes. Back at home I feed my bird, have breakfast (and screen my emails) and get in my car around 9.30 am. Once in the office, I take care of emails, schedule interviews and have 30 minute catch-up calls with Hiring Managers across the globe. 

Afternoon: I block some time in my calendar to screen candidates and work on ongoing projects, such as developing (online) trainings on topics like Recruitment. I try not to get distracted too much by incoming emails, to make sure I stay focused.

Evening: With my inbox containing 3-15 emails that I will attend to the next day, I leave the office at around 6.30 pm. If the roads are quiet I’m home within 35 minutes. I then cook dinner and watch my favourite series before going to bed.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to take time to reflect on what you’re doing & why you are doing it, to ensure that you keep developing yourself.