Larissa Naue

Position title: HR Manager
Office location: Berlin (Germany)

What I do: I’m the responsible HR Manager for dedicated business units and specific regions within MeteoGroup. 

My key tasks are: Working closely with all departments, assisting Managers and employees to understand and implement HR policies and procedures.

A typical Tuesday: 

Morning: On Tuesday my work day starts at around 7:30, where I have my first phone call in the car with my HR colleague, exchanging the latest information on current recruiting processes and project work. We both like using our time in the car for this call so we can start the day in the office by scanning emails and making sure we are up-to-date. Once I have sorted through my emails I prepare the bi-weekly global HR meeting which takes place via video conference.

Afternoon: In the afternoon I have several 1-to-1 meetings with team leads and managers in the countries I am responsible for. We discuss current/ongoing tasks and issues and I ask for an update from the respective department or country.  

Evening: Before the end of the day I usually work through my emails, edit my to-do list, plan my schedule for the upcoming days and take a close look at the agenda for the next day. While driving home I usually take the time to call friends and family and then end the day with a nice dinner (depending on the weather this is sometimes at home or at nice restaurant in Berlin!)


If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to never stop believing in yourself!