Sruthika Menon

Position title: Product Manager, Energy
Office location: Berlin (Germany)

What I do: I’m responsible for ensuring we have a strong, innovative, customer focused and technology driven product portfolio for our Energy Business Unit. 

My key tasks are: Meeting with Energy industry clients to better understand their needs and problems. This helps me develop strategies for new products that align with various stakeholders in the company, from Management and Sales, to Meteorology and Technology.

A typical Thursday:

Morning: I start my day with an hour of Yoga, I find it helps prepare me both physically and mentally for the day ahead. After a quick breakfast, I leave to work at 8:30 and use my commute to catch up with the news (world and social) on Reddit. The first thing I do when I get to work (after grabbing my cup of coffee!) is prioritize my work for the day – I use Trello to keep track of all open activities and post-it notes to prioritize my tasks for the day.

Afternoon: My day is typically full of meetings. Today for instance, I met with the Technology team where they shared planned developments and voiced any concerns or questions about the product strategy. Following that, I met with a potential external partner who is interested in selling their products in partnership with us. I then attended two other internal meetings, ending with a call with our Canadian office to discuss updates in the market. In between meetings, I focus on grooming the feature list for product development.

Evening: I like Thursday evenings as I leave the office at 18:00 and head straight to Berlin airport to fly home to Amsterdam, getting home in time to have dinner with my husband. I have my flight rituals down to a tee, where I use the commute to unwind by listening to a new podcast or an e-book. On Fridays, I either work from home or from our Dutch office and I’m back to Berlin on Monday morning. 

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to: Learn something about everything and everything about something!