UK Maritime Economy report

The shipping sector is undergoing a sea change, with new technologies and geopolitical forces offering myriad opportunities for commercial success. But do business leaders fully understand the associated threats? From combating piracy and finding clean alternatives to dirty fuels, to boosting gender diversity, the Maritime Economy special report, published in The Times, covers the major challenges facing the industry.

Also featured is comment on the importance of redeveloping coastal communities, an infographic detailing the big ports and important global trade routes and an interesting article discussing the latest developments in autonomous shipping. As with autonomous driving, the weather is one of the most important factors these autonomous ships need to deal with. 

You can now download your full PDF-version of the Maritime Economy report here



When it comes to ships and navigation, you must keep in mind that the lawmaker often ranks the protection of seafarers and the sea environment at the top of its priorities, ahead of strictly navigational or commercial aspects