Weather routing makes shipping cheaper and safer

The Dutch MeteoGroup assists ship owners and charterers on every aspect of worldwide weather. This ranges from software for the captain to make his own weather forecasts following exhaustive broad advice about the best routes to take. Eighteen former officers make sure the weather bulletins and advice match what actually happens on board.

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SIRWEC Conference 2018: Road Meteorology at its best

This year the 19th International Road Weather Conference SIRWEC 2018 takes place in Slovakia, on 29/05-01/06/2018. It’s a major four day event about meteorology, special forecasts, application tools and equipment for road network maintenance. MeteoGroup has submitted an abstract to present at the conference.

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Weather Routing – Reducing Emissions by Better Planning

​Seamen must be the first group of people who had an extensive knowledge of the weather. They recognised cloud formations and variations in wind speed that indicated the weather change. At sea, this knowledge could mean the difference between life and death.

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MeteoGroup ondersteunt ACV’s gladheidsbestrijding in 4 gemeenten

Voor de meeste Nederlandse gemeenten loopt het gladheidseizoen van 1 november tot 1 april. Gedurende die periode staan bij ACV 120 winterdienstmedewerkers 24/7 paraat. Dit zijn zowel ACV- medewerkers als ook medewerkers van externe bedrijven. Een belangrijke aanvulling op dit team zijn de meteorologen van MeteoGroup.

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Predicting Rain. Harder than you think.

“When it is rainy, your forecast is always wrong. The rain starts early and is heavier than expected, so why should we continue to use MeteoGroup’s forecast?” A blogpost by Wim van den Berg, Meteorological Researcher

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