Monitor and improve fleet performance with aggregated weather data and routing insights.

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Better teamwork for your entire crew

FleetGuard provides a state-of-the-art actionable monitoring dashboard for fleet operators, operations managers and performance managers via a modern cloud portal. Fully integrated with SPOS9, FleetGuard is the ultimate voyage optimization tool for ocean-going vessels. Improve your fleet performance and utilization with aggregated vessel data and actionable alerting.
  • Improve fleet performance
  • Improve fleet utilization
  • Increase vessel, crew and cargo safety

Operator dashboard

Access to operator dashboard with maps, KPIs and alerts. Customize the user interface using the configuration for your fleet group and the information you care about most.

Performance Dashboard

Customizable to support different roles and responsibilities. Access up-to-date performance for all vessels, calculated on normalized data to ensure comparability.

Good and All-Weather Weather performance analysis

Incorporate weather data and models – including weather and current factors, slip analysis, SOG, STW and more.

Vessel (group) view

Zoom in from entire fleet, to groups of vessels and drill down on individual ship level that need your attention, and take appropriate actions.

MRV Reporting

Clean and validate data to comply with European MRV regulations. Filter ‘European’ voyages to provide compliance reporting and evidence in government-approved format.

Extensive map view

Combine weather forecasts, tracks and routes in a single overview.

Vessel trend and benchmark analysis

Access cleaned-up data. Select, filter and combine and compare to get insights on vessel performance over time.
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Onboard Reporting

Prevent duplication of reporting using the Easy Noon reporting tool if ships already report via Veslink

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