Hotspot Analysis

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Hotspot Analysis

Hotspots are sections in the power line with the lowest available capacity at a given time. MeteoGroup has developed a weather driven power line climate model to detect hotspots. Grid operators can prevent and manage congestion, easily detect grid bottlenecks and be alerted to potential overheating to avoid grid breakdowns.
  • Hotspots can be detected with Dynamic Line Rating in historical mode,
  • Identified hotspots are typically the best spots to install weather stations to receive reliable local and realtime observations.
  • MeteoGroup assists grid operators in planning the installation and operating of local observation stations which further optimise the results of the DLR model.

Operational Forecast-Driven Model

DLR is a pioneering and dedicated operational weather forecast model that helps you assess the probability of individual weather scenarios and to translate this probability into relative line capacity.

Historical analysis to detect Hotspots

With Dynamic Line Rating model in historical mode, weather-critical sections in powerlines (“hotspots”) can be detected. The identified hotspots are typically the best locations to install weather stations in order to receive reliable local and real-time observations.

State-of-the-art technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions ensure better planning, greater savings, consistent reliability and greater data accuracy.

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