How a Digitized Service Integration Partnership Optimises Voyages for NORDEN

Combining science and technology, Weather Routing 2.0 is a digital service built on MeteoGroup’s weather and route algorithms and NORDEN’s in-depth market knowledge. The benefits of this integration are immediate cost savings, optimal speed routing, regulation of speed, and route and bunker consumption.


Advanced service, immediate benefits, full integration to vessel models, real-time results, streamlined business

Unlike the past, where the clients’ operators needed to send instructions to the MeteoGroup RouteGuard team for routing purposes, Norden’s operators can now send their routing requests and updates directly through the RouteGuard API to “Armorhead”, (MeteoGroup’s routing system). This includes, but is not limited to, creating new voyages, updating voyages’ profile (such as speed and fuel prices), inserting new ship profiles, and nominating vessels for data monitoring.

MeteoGroup creates and monitors the vessel’s route (both by thresholds set in Armorhead and by the route analysts) to provide Norden with three different services:

Routing based on Charter Party - Chartered vessels are guided and monitored based on the inputs from the charter party.

Fixed Estimated Time of Arrival - Ensures that vessels sail the optimum speed and route based on the fixed time of arrival.

Optimum Costs - Optimum route based on flexible time of arrival, speed ranges and cost of fuel. Thus ensuring the vessels sails at optimum costs.

Weather Routing 3.0


The innovation continues!  We are already making plans to communicate vessel noon data back to the operating system via the RouteGuard API.

Norden (or any other client) can now retrieve their fleet noon data, that has been collected and saved in MeteoGroup’s database, through the RouteGuard API. This enables Norden to always have access to the most up-to-date collection of their fleet noon data -a dataset that is critical for operational management and business analytics.


Imagine what your organization could do if you had the best weather routing and performance data feeding directly into your system. That’s RouteGuard!  Not only will you have the benefit of a partnership with the largest private weather monitoring network in the world, but you will also be able to follow trends, benchmark vessels, gain full control, and save on costs.


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RouteGuard API is a communication based on sending XML directly into MeteoGroup’s Armorhead system for weather routing. It provides external parties with noon data, updated fuel consumption profiles, and fleet overviews.