How It's Made: The Shipping Weather Forecasting Guide

For shipping companies, accurate and reliable weather data is essential to make informed business decisions before, during, and after each voyage. These companies typically rely on routing information, which is informed by accurate forecasts and delivered by a team of experts, including professional meteorologists and master mariners. But why? What makes the experts stand out from the crowd?


We asked the shipping weather experts to share their experience and insights on what makes a highly accurate weather forecast. In The Shipping Weather Forecasting Guide, we show exactly how the weather forecast is made and why these highly accurate weather forecasts make such a positive difference for shipping companies.


Improving weather data one industry at a time


The work done by the weather experts across all industries can be categorized into two disciplines: the meteorological researchers and forecasters. The first specializes in researching and developing products, which ingest quality-controlled data, for specific industry use-cases. The latter is in direct contact with customers and interprets the models for the specific customer use cases.


This data enrichment process applies to all industries. However, some industries depend more on model data or automated solutions and platforms, while others depend more on forecaster expertise. This has a huge impact on the way that weather experts work. In most cases, companies need a combination of meteorological research and the expertise of forecasters.


The real value for the shipping industry comes from the unique blend of accurate weather data, routing insights, and guidance from master mariners.


Achieving forecast accuracy


In terms of accuracy, there are clear differences between freely available sources and high-quality data. This improvement is due to the combination of data sources, weather models, forecasting systems, specialists and technologies, which weather experts rely on to improve the accuracy of their forecasting.


These factors are why companies choose to work with specialist weather companies. For the shipping sector, less accurate data typically results in unoptimized routes, increased fuel consumption, which can result in more costs, missed ETAs, or, in the worst case, live-threatening situations. Average shipping companies can make decisions using data from low cost weather vendors, but leading companies prefer using more accurate weather data in their decision making processes.


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For shipping companies, accurate and reliable weather forecasts are essential to make informed business decisions, through all stages of a project lifecycle.