How London Borough of Sutton Reduces Unnecessary Grit Applications

At The London Borough of Sutton Council, making the right call on whether or not to grit the roads is important. Apply grit too late (or not at all), can cause traffic jams, road accidents, and even result in fatalities. Yet, on the other hand, applying grit when it’s not needed, results in extra costs for local authorities and can result in avoidable damage to the environment.

The key is knowing when to act.


How accurate weather data helps inform gritting decisions


Local authorities, municipalities and highways agencies rely on accurate weather data, to know when to treat roads. They also to check their decisions, to see if they make the right call.


The weather experts at MeteoGroup developed RoadMaster to solve the specific challenges facing road managers during the winter months. It’s a web portal that shows past, present and forecasted road hazards in your maintenance area. The dashboard features give teams an actionable overview of observations, forecasts, and hazard warnings.


By giving road managers peace of mind, RoadMaster helps to secure road safety and operational efficiency by making informed gritting decisions.


Getting the team up and running


The London Borough of Sutton has an explicit promise to the local community: To keep highways safe during winter weather, while also controlling costs and protecting the environment. To keep their word to the local community, it's essential that they only grit roads when necessary. When their long-term provider withdrew from the market, they needed a new weather forecast partner.


London Borough of Sutton now utilizes RoadMaster - the specialist highways forecasting solution. To help the team get up and running, MeteoGroup delivered RoadMaster familiarization training, including highways meteorology training, to ensure a swift and smooth mobilization.


Alongside this, MeteoGroup's in-house meteorological experts support decision making through forecast consultancy. The blend of the right solution combined with expert support has dramatically assisted Sutton’s ability to deliver on its promise to the community.


Find out more about the results The London Borough of Sutton Council achieved with RoadMaster (plus how your organisation can benefit) by reading the full case story.


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RoadMaster has already proven it’s value to Sutton, as the forecasts help the council to make the right calls on Winter Roads Maintenance. MeteoGroup's forecasts really help us to confidently make the right decision to minimize unnecessary applications of grit.

Lloyd Tilbury
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor