Take preventive actions and minimize the impact of water events on your operations, assets and infrastructures. Actively monitor your precipitation related risks with HydroMaster.

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Water is a prerequisite for life. However, water can also be a severe hazard – to people as well as infrastructure. When you are responsible for efficiently and safely operating public and private assets, you need to effectively manage precipitation related risk.
  • Assess the impact of heavy precipitation on water quality and retention
  • Mitigate the risk of sewer overflow in surface water and assets
  • Optimize inundation prevention and run-off

Radar visualisation and analysis tools

Animate high-resolution precipitation radar imagery (historical and forecast) and retrieve rain gauge-calibrated cumulative precipitation amounts for any defined period, with assessment and actioning of events available via a simple mouse-click.

Tailored warnings and alerts

Combine past, near real-time and future precipitation data to generate automated warnings when threshold criteria are met. For timely and effective dissemination of warnings you decide who, how and when messages will be issued.


Add your catchment areas, zones of interest, hotspots and rain gauge data to obtain localised precipitation observations and forecasts within seconds. Evaluate how significant the impact will be for your area by comparing with return periods, and take appropriate measures.

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