Ice Watch Partners with MeteoGroup to Enhance Winter Maintenance Service

Ice Watch, one of the UK’s longest-standing national winter risk management companies, has chosen to partner with MeteoGroup, the global weather authority. This partnership will help Ice Watch to provide an even better service to its customers across the UK.


The partnership with MeteoGroup means Ice Watch will be able to leverage forecast data and insight, driven by MeteoGroup’s proprietary, road-specific weather models. The unique weather model has consistently proven to be more accurate and reliable than any alternative. Sophisticated physical and statistical modelling techniques used by the meteorological experts are combined with:


  • The best available weather models
  • Data collected from road weather information stations (RWIS)
  • Historical predictions
  • Records of actual weather conditions to generate the most precise location-specific forecasts available.


Before awarding the contract, Ice Watch benchmarked the accuracy of several leading weather forecast providers and concluded that MeteoGroup provided the most accurate forecasts.


The precision of these forecasts will enable the Ice Watch team to distribute their manpower in the most efficient and effective way. The team will ensure their snow desk is staffed 24/7 during times of predicted snowfall, planning precisely when their gritting teams need to start work to enjoy maximum benefit from the salt supplies, and ensuring snow clearing teams are on standby for a callout.


Winter weather in the UK is notoriously changeable. The risks from ice and snow are best assessed by localized short-range weather forecasting. It is difficult for businesses and organizations to monitor the weather, to action gritting within timescales required to manage the risk.


Ice Watch has a great track record in treating car parks, pathways, multi-storey car parks, emergency access routes, as well as roads. Keeping these locations safe and clear through the winter months is essential, for both economic and social reasons. Disruptions to supply chains and logistics can have significant impacts on business, both in the UK and around the world. Likewise, people expect their roads to be clean and safe, whatever the weather.


Ice Watch’s in-house meteorologist Timo Strom explained:

“Meteo Group give us live road temperatures around the UK and visual aids such as graphs including 15-day and 30-day ensemble forecasts. We also receive detailed road surface temperature forecasts eight days in advance across all of our sites, helping us prepare for any cold spells. Customers will also be able to prepare in advance for the impact of inclement weather. And the supercharged new forecasts help us make more accurate decisions. We have human interference both from MeteoGroup when delivering the forecast and ourselves when deciding to grit or not. Rather than importing the forecast into a computer and letting it make the decisions, we use our experience and expertise to provide customers with a quality service.”




To know more about Winter Roads and our forecasting accuracy, download our Winter Road Retrospective Report 2018/2019. It covers the weather conditions experienced during the season, the forecast performance, and how the experts help support winter maintenance teams.

Download: Winter 2018 - 19 End of Season Report for Europe and North America

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Ice Watch partners with MeteoGroup to leverage accurate weather forecasts in winter maintenance planning and operations.