MeteoGroup at Dutch National Road Maintenance and De-icing Conference

Under the title ‘Knowledge of Slippery Road Management’, on April 19th, 2018, the Dutch NVRD organizes its biennial conference on Slippery Road Management. The congress is the meeting place for all professionals involved in managing potential slipperiness on Dutch roads. What are the latest developments and trends in road management and which innovations await us? MeteoGroup will be there with a presentation and booth. 

At the conference MeteoGroup will showcase its product RoadMaster. RoadMaster helps local governments and highways operators to optimize their winter road maintenance decisions. MeteoGroup will offer a detailed introduction into the methodology and how it can help better forecast at risk areas of road and create more efficient operations. 

MeteoGroup has worked with winter road maintenance organizations for more than 20 years, in over 10 countries across Europe and North America.

It is certain that big data about weather, road use and road conditions will affect the management and maintenance of slippery roads in the future. This is therefore the central theme of the congress; what information will be available to organize your winter road maintenance even better.

The Dutch National Dutch National Road Maintenance and De-icing Conference this year takes place in Hart van Holland in Nijkerk. April 19, 2018.
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