MeteoGroup Joins DTN to Build Largest Private Weather Company

Utrecht, Netherlands (November 25, 2019) – DTN, an independent source of insights, analysis and decision-support solutions, recently announced that the European weather company MeteoGroup has joined the company.

MeteoGroup was acquired by TBG AG, a Switzerland-based private holding company and the owner of DTN, last year. Rebranding and becoming one company with DTN allows the company to increase its weather expertise and technology-based solutions on a global scale.

“This is fantastic news for our company and our customers,” said Marc Chesover, former MeteoGroup Chief Executive Officer and current President of Europe, DTN. “Joining DTN allows us to significantly expand our weather network, analytics and expertise globally. That means our customers have access to mission critical weather decision-support solutions at any time in any part of the world.”

MeteoGroup’s integration increases DTN’s weather expertise to 200 meteorologists working in weather rooms across the world. The addition of more than 10,000 weather observation stations creates the largest network of private weather observations worldwide, ensuring forecast accuracy to help customers operate more efficiently and mitigate weather risks.

“Demand has increased significantly from large multinational enterprises who need a technology-focused and innovative company to provide global weather insights and advanced data analytics,” said Steve Matthesen, DTN CEO. “Businesses around the world recognize how critical accurate, reliable and hyperlocal weather data is to mitigating risk, improving safety and sustainability and optimizing performance.”

Matthesen pointed to several factors for the increased demand in weather products, such as climate change, increasing weather volatility, more on-demand businesses and more businesses with a global presence which make companies and people more vulnerable to weather impacts.

Last year, MeteoGroup reported a 25% increase in demand for enterprise weather solutions and as much as 67% in specific industries. Combined, DTN provides weather solutions for many industries including agriculture, aviation, mining, offshore energy, shipping, media, transportation, and utilities, as well as leading mobile apps for consumer and businesses.

“Weather data is informative, but only useful if you have the right insights combined with advanced technology to make important weather decisions,” said Chesover. “By becoming part of DTN, we can continue growing a global organization that delivers proprietary best-in-class weather forecasts, patented alerting solutions, weather-based insights, and risk management tools for our customers around the world.