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Forecast data for safe, sustainable and efficient offshore helicopter operations.

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MetObserver Training

It is vital that your staff understand the impact weather can have on the safety of offshore helicopter operations. MeteoGroup’s CAP 437 MetObserver Training gives your staff the knowledge they need to understand full weather reports, make confident decisions and ensure the safety of all involved.
  • Weather reports in accordance with CAP437-certified training standards
  • MeteoGroup’s MetObserver Training provides your staff with all the required skills to submit an offshore weather report in accordance with the regulations set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
  • During the practical training, continuous assessment shall be made of the trainee’s ability to observe and correctly record the weather.
  • On completion of the training course, the trainee will be able to complete a weather report correctly and accurately. The training is based on the example offshore report in the CAA’s CAP437 Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas Standards.

Weather Phenomena Principals

Understand the principals of basic weather phenomena, including cloud formation, visibility restrictions, weather fronts and air masses.

Correctly Record and Understand Data

This training equips you with the knowledge you need to correctly read recordings from automated weather sensors and identify the hazardous impact that different weather can have on helicopter operations.

Decode METAR & TAF

Learn how to decode routine aviation weather reports and understand the expected weather conditions at an airport during a specified period.

Understand Ship Motions

Successfully find and read ship motion recordings so your helicopter operations can land safely.

Weather Observations via Radio Message

Equip your staff with the ability to send offshore weather observations via radio message, in accordance with the CAA’s CAP413 radio telephony standards.
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State-of-the-Art Technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you technological innovation, data accuracy, expertise and reliability.

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