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DTN is Acquiring MetStat, Strengthens Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimation Capabilities

Acquiring MetStat will add unmatched capabilities and expertise in understanding, predicting and communicating about extreme precipitation events.

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MeteoGroup Joins DTN to Build Largest Private Weather Company

Merger increases company sustainability, investment in innovation and commitment to customers globally.

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How Optimized Weather Routing Helps Mitigate the Cost Impact of New Regulations

Discover how optimized weather routing can help to mitigate the impact of new regulations on the bottom line.

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How SPOS & FleetGuard help balance safety and efficiency for TORM

Discover how leading product tanker company TORM uses both SPOS and FleetGuard to maintain the balance between safety and operational efficiency

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IMO 2020: How Will New Regulation Impact the Shipping Industry

IMO 2020 is the most dramatic fuel regulation changes ever. Discover how it’s expected to impact the shipping industry - and what you can do to prepare.

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SPOS in Focus: Area Restrictions and ECA Zones (Video)

With IMO 2020 now only weeks away, discover how Area Restrictions and ECA Zones in SPOS can help you manage fuel consumption and costs.

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What Makes an Optimized Weather Routing System? Three Factors for Success

Discover the three factors that are essential for an optimized weather routing system.

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SPOS in Focus: Weather Elements and Seakeeping (video)

Discover how weather elements and seakeeping in SPOS ensure vessels have the latest weather forecasts - and can apply this to protect motion sensitive vessels and cargo

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Weather Routing: Four Advantages of an Optimized Solution

Optimized weather routing is not only crucial for avoiding adverse weather conditions but also to ensure each ship runs at peak performance.

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SPOS in Focus: Variable Speed Routing Algorithm and Ship to Shore Noon Reporting (Video)

Discover how the variable speed routing algorithm and ship to shore reporting in SPOS help optimize routing planning.

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Weather forecast for the UK General Election 2019, what to expect?

Weather forecast for the UK General Election 2019?

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SPOS in Focus: Trim Advice Add-On and Vessel Profile & Speed Loss Curve (Videos)

Shipping companies can unlock additional insight alongside their weather data by taking into account the vessel profile and trim advice.

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