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Weather Routing – Reducing Emissions by Better Planning

​Seamen must be the first group of people who had an extensive knowledge of the weather. They recognised cloud formations and variations in wind speed that indicated the weather change. At sea, this knowledge could mean the difference between life and death.

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MeteoGroup ondersteunt ACV’s gladheidsbestrijding in 4 gemeenten

Voor de meeste Nederlandse gemeenten loopt het gladheidseizoen van 1 november tot 1 april. Gedurende die periode staan bij ACV 120 winterdienstmedewerkers 24/7 paraat. Dit zijn zowel ACV- medewerkers als ook medewerkers van externe bedrijven. Een belangrijke aanvulling op dit team zijn de meteorologen van MeteoGroup.

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Predicting Rain. Harder than you think.

“When it is rainy, your forecast is always wrong. The rain starts early and is heavier than expected, so why should we continue to use MeteoGroup’s forecast?” A blogpost by Wim van den Berg, Meteorological Researcher

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MeteoGroup and KISTERS expand HydroMaster partnership for precipitation data and warnings

KISTERS and MeteoGroup are happy to announce the addition of DHI Group as a third partner to the HydroMaster partnership, adding hydrologic intelligence, expertise and data to the HydroMaster product as well as enhancing international sales and marketing.

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Popular MeteoEarth app now optimised for iPhone X

One of the most popular weather apps just got better. MeteoEarth (App Store, GooglePlay), the revolutionary weather app from MeteoGroup, has just been optimised for iPhoneX.

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MeteoGroup successfully predicted extreme European cold 6 weeks in advance

MeteoGroup's early warnings helped customers in various sectors prepare for the cold

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MeteoGroup at Dutch National Road Maintenance and De-icing Conference

Under the title ‘Knowledge of Slippery Road Management’, on April 19th, 2018, the Dutch NVRD organizes its biennial conference on Slippery Road Management. At the conference MeteoGroup will showcase its product RoadMaster. RoadMaster helps local governments and highways operators to optimize their winter road maintenance decisions.

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MeteoGroup presents weather-based Dynamic Line Rating solution at E-World 2018

At E-world 2018, Europe’s Leading Energy Trade Fair, MeteoGroup presents its Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) solution.

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MeteoGroup to present at the APWA North American Snow Conference 2017

At this year's event MeteoGroup will present RoadMaster

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World Meteorological Day 2017

This year's theme is "Understanding Clouds" and in honour of this we explain how clouds are formed and the most common kinds.

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FleetGuard helps shipping companies comply with new EU-MRV regulation

FleetGuard can help shipping companies accurately report the CO2 emissions of its vessels

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Freezing rain in the Netherlands

Freezing rain causes problems in Hardinxveld Giessendam

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