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MeteoGroup hosts two Round Tables at Accenture Innovation Summit.

On November 2nd, 2500 innovation leaders gather in Utrecht for the Accenture Innovation Summit 2018. MeteoGroup will be hosting two Round Tables, on Climate and on Mobility.

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ChartCo and MeteoGroup announce long-term partnership

ChartCo, the leading global supplier of maritime digital data and compliance services, has selected MeteoGroup to deliver its weather routing technology services (SPOS) through its OneOcean platform.

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Long Dry Summer of 2018

Summer 2018 was exceptional over the UK in terms of warmth, dryness, and lack of rainfall. Our Senior Meteorologists Matthew Dobson and Alexander Brand, put in in perspective.

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Unwetterzentrale: 15 years and still growing

The German Unwetterzentrale (which is probably best translated as ‘Severe Weather Center’) is one of the most popular MeteoGroup services, serving consumers as well as businesses and public authorities.

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Weather Routing essential for modern shipping

Optimum ship routing is the art and science of developing the “best route” for a ship based on the existing weather forecasts, ship characteristics, and cargo requirements. For most voyages, this will mean the minimum transit time, and so least cost while avoiding significant risks to the vessel, crew and cargo.

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Improving greenhouse operations with high precision weather data

5 steps to achieve a highly precise local weather forecast

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Using DLR to efficiently manage power lines

Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) is a technology used to dynamically adjust the capacity of electric overhead transmission lines. This capacity is determined by environmental cooling and is mostly dependent on weather elements such as air temperature, solar radiation, and wind speed and direction.

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf, or why some publications keep predicting 'doom and gloom'

It’s that time of the year again. Or how keeps peddling the same fake news clickbait, year, after year, after year.  

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Innovating winter road management with Big Data

At the biennial meeting of the ‘Standing International Road Weather Commission’ (SIRWEC) at the end of May, more than 150 professionals shared their knowledge, expertise, and innovations in the field of road surface forecasting. Our Professional Services and Product Marketing departments were present to show how Big Data can be used to forecast slippery road conditions.

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MeteoGroup ready for Arctic Route

Maersk has the honour of being the first shipping company to sail a container vessel through the Northeast Passage. The MeteoGroup Weather Room is ready for the Arctic Route challenge; weather data, wave data, and ice data: it’s all at our fingertips.

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Long term MeteoGroup model predicts dry September

Using MeteoGroup's statistical forecast approach (using the World Climate Service toolbox) we are now consistently getting an early lead on what the computer models output is likely to show as lead times shorten. It’s this kind of ‘early warnings’ that are extremely valuable for customers in sectors like Water Management and Energy.

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In the offshore industry, it’s all about security first

Metocean conditions affect all areas of offshore operations. Having reliable and accurate forecasting tools is essential. Accurate planning for weather-related downtime helps companies avoids unnecessary or last-minute scheduling changes. Detailed and highly accurate local forecasts of weather and metocean conditions are essential for all our offshore customers. Whether they are working in subsea construction, exploration of oil & gas, coastal engineering or salvage operations.

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