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UK local authorities manage flood risk with HydroMaster

In April 2010, the Flood & Water Management Act became law in England and Wales. The Act aims to create a simpler and more effective means of managing the risk of flood and coastal erosion. Local authorities in the UK are using HydroMaster to help them with the local implementation of this Act.

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Managing Essex Highways in winter with the support of MeteoGroup

The county of Essex is one of the largest winter gritting road networks in the UK. For its winter road management, managed by Essex Highways, it relies on the detailed weather forecasts of MeteoGroup RoadMaster.

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"Rain is music to our ears": How a Water Company Prepares for a Long Warm and Dry Summer

For an airport, high quality means more than just clean bathrooms, good restaurants, and nice shopping. Above all, it means delivering smooth and reliable flight operations, under all weather conditions. MeteoGroup helps Flughafen Zürich AG with precise weather forecasts to prepare itself for the ever-changing winter conditions.

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How to successfully produce a sub-seasonal forecast, a senior meteorologist story

MeteoGroup long-range forecasts issued in mid-February delivered insightful weather information, concerning the weather patterns through late February and the spring as a whole.

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Spliethoff optimizes efficiency with MeteoGroup SPOS9 Weather Routing

Weather Routing is an important tool for Spliethoff to ensure the maximum safety for crews, cargoes and vessels. At the same time it helps to save time, money and, of course, fuel. MeteoGroup SPOS is used on board about 100 vessels of the Spliethoff Group, as well as in the office.

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A.P. Møller-Maersk has selected MeteoGroup as leading weather partner for its Connected Vessel Programme.

A.P. Møller-Maersk has selected MeteoGroup as leading weather partner for its Connected Vessel Programme

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How a Digitized Service Integration Partnership Optimises Voyages for NORDEN

RouteGuard API is a communication based on sending XML directly into MeteoGroup’s Armorhead system for weather routing. It provides external parties with noon data, updated fuel consumption profiles, and fleet overviews.

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How best to ventilate to avoid moisture damage to cargo

Avoiding moisture damage is a key challenge for merchant shipping companies. Discover how best to ventilate, based on conditions, to help overcome this issue

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The weather forecasting methodology: How the MeteoGroup experts make your forecast

How do the weather experts at MeteoGroup make your forecast? The answer lies in the weather forecasting methodology.

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MeteoGroup scores high on verification: why aren’t we shouting about it?

MeteoGroup strives to deliver accurate forecasts. This mission requires a deep understanding of the problems and challenges customers face. Knowing the precise limits and margins for their specific activities means knowing what forecasts parameters to deliver and how to measure quality.

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Precipitation and flash flood forecast combined in just one tool: HydroMaster

New Flash Flood Index added to HydroMaster cloud solution for weather forecast and warning

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Power to the energy industry! The story of TESLA Europe & MeteoGroup

The TESLA Model is an advanced regression-based model that’s designed to be responsive to weather, clock, and calendar variables and is particularly responsive to extreme weather events and holidays. Every model is built and maintained by analysts dedicated to a comprehensive understanding of the area and the resource being modeled, and the reliable and timely delivery of the forecasts generated by those models is ensured by a team of engineers spanning the globe.

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