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How it's made: Weather Satellite: How the View from Above Helps to Create the Forecast

Data from weather satellites is used to monitor conditions of the atmosphere, clouds, and the Earth’s surface - and helps to create reliable forecasts for businesses

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How it's made: Methods to Improve Weather Radar Data

Weather experts improve available weather radar data using these five methods. Find out more here.

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How it's made: How the Experts Enhance Weather Station Data

Discover how the weather experts improve data from weather stations to help create accurate and reliable weather forecasts

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How it's made: The Plain English Guide to Weather Observation Networks

Monitoring the weather is part of many people’s daily routine at work. They do this to understand the safety risks for colleagues, how the weather can impact operations, and understand steps required to keep the business running profitably.

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How Dynamic Line Rating Helps Avoid Power Line Congestion

Capacity in overhead power lines needs to be managed to avoid congestion. Find out how Dynamic Line Rating can help.

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Long-range forecasting, the use, benefits and reliability

Your organization could also benefit from using long-range weather forecasts. This Q & A explains how seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts can help businesses plan for the future.

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How Optimized Weather Routing Helps Maximize Efficiency

Optimized weather routing helps vessels sail the most effienct routes, helping to manage fuel consumption and time at sea, while maintaining safety.

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How it's made: Highly Accurate Weather Forecast

When it comes to weather forecasting, many people rely on free weather apps and common sense. But predicting the weather is serious business. Everyone from shipping companies, oil rigs, energy distributors, air transport and even the automotive industry: they all depend on accurate and reliable weather forecasts to make informed business decisions.

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Custom-made near-shore forecasts

It is quite a job to lay cables on the seabed, and also a challenge to make an adequate wave forecast for these activities. Dredging companies are doing the former, MeteoGroup the latter. Some of MeteoGroup’s customers pull cables from a wind farm to Zeebrugge, and during this work the wave height threshold is only 1.5 meters. Reliable wave forecasts are therefore extremely important but are very complicated to produce. There are several sandbanks off the Belgian coast that interact with the incoming waves in many ways but MeteoGroup can make accurate forecasts for this problematic location. These are produced via a newly-developed infrastructure in the cloud that couples atmospheric and wave models. This innovative set-up does looks not only at the sea but incorporates atmospheric winds that drive the waves. As a result, we can provide detailed forecasts for your offshore activities.

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First signs of a boiling summer

Will the summer of 2019 be hot and dry, like the one of 2018? Or is it going to be cloudy again with rain or showers at times and only the odd period of sunshine and warmth, that we’re so familiar with in our Northwest European summers? In spring, the interest and anticipation start to build, not only in the public, but also among meteorologists. The big questions at stake are: What will the upcoming summer look like, weather wise? And is it possible to know already at this moment?

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6 long range forecasting questions you had but were afraid to ask

Partnerships are great. Acronyms less so. Either way, you need both. We thought we would attempt to clear up the foggy skies with this collaborative blog with our long range forecasting partner Prescient Weather.

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Weather Radar: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Type “Radar” into Google and you face a plethora of information about covert spy drones and military warfare systems. However the commercial weather radar systems in use today, while employing the same advanced technology, have a far more peaceful outcome. To understand a little more about why Radar is vital in weather forecasting, we need to go back to the history books on what is the Weather Surveillance Radar (WSR) and Doppler Weather Radar and how it evolved.

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