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The weather forecasting methodology: How the MeteoGroup experts make your forecast

How do the weather experts at MeteoGroup make your forecast? The answer lies in the weather forecasting methodology.

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MeteoGroup scores high on verification: why aren’t we shouting about it?

MeteoGroup strives to deliver accurate forecasts. This mission requires a deep understanding of the problems and challenges customers face. Knowing the precise limits and margins for their specific activities means knowing what forecasts parameters to deliver and how to measure quality.

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Precipitation and flash flood forecast combined in just one tool: HydroMaster

New Flash Flood Index added to HydroMaster cloud solution for weather forecast and warning

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Power to the energy industry! The story of TESLA Europe & MeteoGroup

The TESLA Model is an advanced regression-based model that’s designed to be responsive to weather, clock, and calendar variables and is particularly responsive to extreme weather events and holidays. Every model is built and maintained by analysts dedicated to a comprehensive understanding of the area and the resource being modeled, and the reliable and timely delivery of the forecasts generated by those models is ensured by a team of engineers spanning the globe.

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How It’s Made Recap: 19 Blog Posts that Reveal How Your Weather Forecast is Made

Catch-up on How It’s Made, the series that lifts the hood on weather forecasting, by sharing the weather expert’s knowledge and experience.

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The 16 Weather Observation and Forecasting Value Parameters, Explained

Discover the 16 weather observation and forecasting value parameters that the weather experts use to ensure they always add value to weather data.

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38 Weather Forecasting Terms You Need to Know [Glossary]

It can seem like weather experts have their own language. To help you get to grips, we’ve put together the essential glossary of terms to know.

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How to Use Weather Data at Every Stage of an Offshore Project

From planning to execution, discover how you can use weather data during every stage of an offshore project

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4 Characteristics to Look for in Your Weather Routing Solution

Whether you’re planning a voyage or making rapid route adjustments as weather patterns change, never compromise on your weather routing solution.

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Four Benefits of Optimized Weather Routing To Achieve Competitive Advantage

Discover why optimized weather routing is so important, including the four benefits that will help you achieve a competitive advantage

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How it's made: Improving weather data one industry at a time

How do weather experts improve data and how do they work with different industries?

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How it's made: The ultimate weather forecasting squad - 5 teams you need

In this article, we tell you about the five teams that together form the ultimate weather forecasting squad.

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