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How a Workability Analysis Can Help Offshore Companies Plan Projects

Discover how a workability analysis can help offshore companies plan more effectively when tendering for projects

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How it's made: In-House MetOcean Modelling: What You Need to Know

In-house MetOcean models are part of the toolkit used by weather experts to create your forecast. Find out more here.

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“MeteoGroup Calling!” Data-Checks to Optimize Vessel Performance

Every day over a thousand vessels send their data to MeteoGroup via MeteoGroup’s Easy Noon algorithm.

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Four Offshore Trends That Mean Weather Data is More Important Than Ever

Weather data is becoming more important than ever for offshore projects. Why is this the case? We’ve identified four trends that answer this question.

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How it's made: Metocean Models: What's Available in the Market

Find out more about the external metocean models that are available in the market and, importantly, how they’re used by the weather experts to make your forecast.

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The Risks of Not Using Accurate Weather Routing on Fuel Consumption

Forward-thinking shipping companies are using accurate weather routing to help manage their fuel consumption, without compromising on KPIs or safety

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How it's made: Your Questions on metocean models, answered

Want to know more about metocean models and how they are used by the metocean experts to create your forecast? Find out more here.

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Three Benefits of Using Accurate Weather Data to Support Offshore Tenders

How a water company prepares for a long warm and dry summer

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How it's made: Lightning Detection Explained: How It’s Used by the Weather Experts

Lightning detection is one of the weather observation techniques used to create accurate weather forecasts. Find out here how the weather experts use it.

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How can weather data be strategic? 3 sector examples

In this article, we discuss five unexpected examples of businesses that found a way to competitive advantage through strategic weather data.

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How it's made: Weather Satellite: How the View from Above Helps to Create the Forecast

Data from weather satellites is used to monitor conditions of the atmosphere, clouds, and the Earth’s surface - and helps to create reliable forecasts for businesses

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How it's made: Methods to Improve Weather Radar Data

Weather experts improve available weather radar data using these five methods. Find out more here.

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