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Expertise of ex-seafarers crucial for reliable ship routing advice

Trust arises when you speak each other's language. Each sector has its own specific characteristics and terminology, and this naturally includes shipping. Those who work on board know and feel what wind and waves do to a ship. Whoever sails as a senior officer has a deep sense of what a ship can handle and what performance a vessel can provide. For us at MeteoGroup it is important to have former seafarers in our weather rooms who use their knowledge and skills to deliver premium route advice.

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How the monitoring meteorologist keeps track of everything

It is the desk that’s always occupied: the monitoring meteorologist’s. Every country with a MeteoGroup office has a chief meteorologist on duty 24/7. He or she monitors the general weather situation, is primarily responsible for a large group of customers and ensures that the meteorological database is fully in line with the expected weather situation. Expertise counts, just as availability. We are always there.

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How Accurate Weather Data Helps Optimize Offshore Operations

Whether you’re working in The North Sea, West Africa, South East Asia, GoM, Middle East or elsewhere, accurate weather data is essential to increase operating thresholds on an offshore project.

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Industrial Snow

Undoubtedly humans are influencing the world’s climate. But we can also have an impact at smaller scale and shorter time frames – in other words, on the weather.

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Early Winter (November & December) Forecast Review

[ December 11, 2018 ] - Back in October, MeteoGroup and Prescient Weather presented two live webinars, detailing the highlights of our winter forecast. After last winter ended on an extremely cold note, with the "Beast from the East" sweeping in, there was much attention on what this coming winter would bring to Europe, with the webinars attended by hundreds of organisations.

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Zürich Airport ready for takeoff with MeteoGroup

For an airport, high quality means more than just clean bathrooms, good restaurants, and nice shopping. Above all, it means delivering smooth and reliable flight operations, under all weather conditions. MeteoGroup helps Flughafen Zürich AG with precise weather forecasts to prepare itself for the ever-changing winter conditions.

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The making of: a weather forecast

As a weather company, we do our utmost to provide our customers with the most reliable forecasts possible.  A chain of information processing and editing underlies all of the weather forecasts that we issue. The added value we have to offer is primarily due to our balanced model combinations and continuous, automatic quality checks to ensure that observations and model data are aligned optimally.

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MeteoGroup at Accenture Innovation Summit

MeteoGroup at the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018, hosting two Innovation Round Tables, on Energy and on Self Driving cars. Many great conversations at our booth!

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Forecasting with a Flash: improving Openreach service delivery with lightning data

Openreach Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of British Telecommunications (BT), builds and maintains the UK’s digital network. Openreach operates in a strongly regulated business with strict minimum service level targets. MeteoGroup provides weather data that helps Openreach meet and surpass those targets.

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Successful mega-update of MultiModel MOS delivers better forecasts

To ensure we remain one of the best weather companies in the world, improving the quality of our forecasts has constantly been at the top of our to-do list. We recently took another huge leap in that area with a large-scale update of our MultiModel MOS.

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Close Weather Watch at Electricity North West

One of the areas where Electricity North West has been making great progress over the last few years is in the anticipation and preparation for severe weather events thanks to essential weather updates and bespoke information provided on a regular basis.

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HydroMaster ayuda a limitar el impacto de las precipitaciones extremas en España

KISTERS, MeteoGroup y DHI están felices de anunciar la incorporación de España como el quinto país de Europa en el que HydroMaster está disponible. Las tres partes se unieron a principios de este año combinando sus respectivos conocimientos en software, pronósticos y modelos hidrológicos.

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