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Weather data crucial for maritime emergency responses

An emergency can occur even when all precautions are taken. And at sea even a small mishap can quickly grow into a major calamity. That’s where the Emergency Response services of MeteoGroup come in.

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Predicting Rain. Harder than you think.

“When it is rainy, your forecast is always wrong. The rain starts early and is heavier than expected, so why should we continue to use MeteoGroup’s forecast?” A blogpost by Wim van den Berg, Meteorological Researcher

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MeteoGroup and KISTERS expand HydroMaster partnership for precipitation data and warnings

KISTERS and MeteoGroup are happy to announce the addition of DHI Group as a third partner to the HydroMaster partnership, adding hydrologic intelligence, expertise and data to the HydroMaster product as well as enhancing international sales and marketing.

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Popular MeteoEarth app now optimised for iPhone X

One of the most popular weather apps just got better. MeteoEarth (App Store, GooglePlay), the revolutionary weather app from MeteoGroup, has just been optimised for iPhoneX.

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MeteoGroup provides Frontex with complete European weather forecast

Accurate and up-to-date environmental assessments and meteorological and oceanographic services are essential to Frontex’s operations. 

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MeteoGroup successfully predicted extreme European cold 6 weeks in advance

MeteoGroup's early warnings helped customers in various sectors prepare for the cold

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West Berkshire winter roads safer with forecasts MeteoGroup

With its RoadMaster product, MeteoGroup supports local councils and road managers all over the world with accurate and timely winter weather forecasts.

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MeteoGroup supports automotive sector in development self-driving cars

Carmakers like Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Nissan are all developing solutions to incorporate detailed weather information in their new car systems. With the help of MeteoGroup.

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MeteoGroup at Dutch National Road Maintenance and De-icing Conference

Under the title ‘Knowledge of Slippery Road Management’, on April 19th, 2018, the Dutch NVRD organizes its biennial conference on Slippery Road Management. At the conference MeteoGroup will showcase its product RoadMaster. RoadMaster helps local governments and highways operators to optimize their winter road maintenance decisions.

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TechnoAlpin and MeteoGroup deliver hyper localised weather forecasts for efficient snowmaking

The weather is very important in economic terms for snowmaking. The right weather conditions are not only a basic requirement for snow production but also influence a company’s profit and loss. That is why TechnoAlpin and MeteoGroup deliver hyperlocalised weather forecasts.

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New Gas Allocation Temperature improves forecasting gas demand

In a joint research project with BDEW, the German association for the energy and water industry, MeteoGroup has developed a new parameter for the German gas market that complies with the new 2018 gas regulator guidelines and will allow energy suppliers in this market to increase their allocation accuracy by 20%-50%.

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BBC Weather launches new service provided by MeteoGroup

BBC Weather has broadcast the new service, provided by MeteoGroup, for the first time today following a staged digital roll-out across all platforms. MeteoGroup is now providing the BBC with the highest quality forecasting and state-of-the art graphics solutions foweather services on all BBC platforms, TV, radio, web and mobile, worldwide.

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