Now on interview with MeteoGroup CEO Donat Retif just published an excellent interview with MeteoGroup CEO Donat Retif: 'Precision Weather Forecasts Instrumental In Energy Industry's Efficiency Drive'

"By some measuring parameters, the weather has a direct impact on 50% of the world's economic output, and the percentage is even higher when it comes to the energy industry. From offshore oil and gas rig operations to resource shipping, high voltage power lines to drilling site management, industry players have for decades been reliant on weather forecasts. But these days, by harnessing computing power and data science, near pinpoint accuracy in weather forecasting is helping operators enhance safety and manage disruption times down to levels few imagined as recently as 10 years ago."

"That's the fusion of digitization and data science, and the advancement in point-to-point sensor technology for you," says Donat Retif, Chief Executive Officer of MeteoGroup, a global private weather forecasting and analysis outfit...

Donat Retif

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So, here we provide forecasts on time-specific weather windows often using state-of-the-art sensors, mapping and information over shorter spaces; something that's quite unlike what you see on TV broadcasts, where forecasts are made over larger distances.

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