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Make confident weather-based decisions in all your offshore activities. Increase safety and reduce operating costs.

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Identifying weather windows and finetune daily operations

Metocean conditions affect all areas of offshore operations. Having a reliable and accurate forecasting tool is essential. Accurately plan for weather-related downtime and avoid unnecessary or last-minute scheduling changes. NowcastingPro enables project managers to reduce operating cost by identifying weather windows and fine-tuning daily operations. (Note: Tide height is temporarily unavailable)
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce risk of damage to equipment
  • Reduce risk of environmental damage

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Weather Maps

Displaying hourly forecasts, for parameters of your choice, as high resolution gridded data for your area of interest.

Weather Window

Displaying workable weather windows according to preset thresholds

Weather Forecast

Graphs to show the 5-day forecasts for wind and wave parameters

Route planning

Feature with your ETD, speed and thresholds


Visibility of changing conditions plus an inbuilt threshold alarm

Global coverage

Including all major oil and gas basins

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