Offshore Forecast Services

Make fast operational decisions up to seven days in advance with our in-house forecast model, specially adapted for marine forecasts. Wind, wave and swell condition forecasts are presented in an easy-to-understand tabular format.

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Forecast Services

The weather is unpredictable. To counteract this unpredictability and ensure the safe completion of your operations, you need the most up-to-date forecast data available. Our suite of forecast data, with specialised offshore and harbour forecasts, is available worldwide, so you can be confident in your decision-making wherever in the world you operate. Make safer operational decisions with fixed location forecasts.
  • Aviation Forecasts
  • Towing & Route Forecasts
  • Tropical Cyclone Forecasts
  • Long-Range Ensemble Forecasts
  • Current & Tidal Forecasts

Flexible Forecast Report

Looking for a flexible report that meets your need? Click below to find out more about our Flexible Forecast Reporting Services.

Squall Forecasting

Our squall forecast service uses high resolution satellite imagery to identify and track the development of Squalls. Our forecasters will contact you with the details, 24x7.

Site-specific Forecasting

Site-specific forecasts are the bread and butter of the offshore industry. Our forecasts are supported with customised websites offering a range of forecasts and observational data.

Route Forecasting

Route forecasts for fixed routes and defined waypoints are complimented with high resolution current forecasts.

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