In the offshore industry, it’s all about security first

Metocean conditions affect all areas of offshore operations. Having reliable and accurate forecasting tools is essential. Accurate planning for weather-related downtime helps companies avoids unnecessary or last-minute scheduling changes. Detailed and highly accurate local forecasts of weather and metocean conditions are essential for all our offshore customers. Whether they are working in subsea construction, exploration of oil & gas, coastal engineering or salvage operations.

MeteoGroup is serving many customers in the offshore sector. In 2017 it won the european tender to provide Frontex with detailed atmospheric, oceanographic and marine conditions. This includes a measured data service, a modelled forecast service, and a severe weather warning service. With its Emergency Response Services, Frontex is able to provide support for many rescue operations. Even in bad weather, the maximum amount of precautions should be taken into consideration to save the ship and its cargo without taking any unnecessary risks. Salvage specialists such as BoskalisMultraship and Ardent all have framework agreements with MeteoGroup. And they all know they can count on the 24/7 services of the meteorologists in the MeteoGroup Weather Room.

Supporting the construction of North Sea Link

Prysmian Group, a world leader in cable manufacturing, has been awarded with a contract to deliver the cabling for a new 740 kilometer long North Sea Link connecting the energy systems of the United Kingdom and Norway. To secure safe working conditions and optimise the project schedule for its cable laying vessel Giulio Verne, MeteoGroup is providing meteorological services. MeteoGroup’s fixed location forecasts, which are specifically designed for marine operations, give Prysmian Group the opportunity to make fast operational decisions up to seven days in advance. Crew safety is always Prsymian’s biggest concern. But it also has an obligation to its customers to deliver on time and with minimal extra costs. Balancing these two is easier with reliable weather data.

Prysmian's Giulio Verne

Motion and support

Due to the nature of the North Sea Link project, vessel motion is of utmost importance. For obvious reasons the Giulio Verne should not tilt, pitch or heave too heavily. The seakeeping services of MeteoGroup provide visualized motion values. These charts and polar diagrams visualize motion values and display where motion ranges will be exceeded. In combination with the MeteoGroup support team, ship motions can be interpreted with precision and taken into account when decisions are being made.

Subsea 7 needs meteorological data to ensure safe and cost-efficient operations

Engineering in harsh environments comes with enormous challenges. This can be confirmed by another MeteoGroup customer: Subsea 7. Subsea 7 is a leading player delivering pipeline and heavy lifting services to well-known offshore energy companies. In order to plan and efficiently manage its projects, while also ensuring a safe environment for their crew at sea, Subsea 7 uses the meteorological expertise and forecasting services of MeteoGroup.

Importance of weather forecasts

Subsea 7 delivers offshore services in water of all depths worldwide and is often confronted with challenging environments for both operations and staff. The execution phase of a project usually involves one or more vessels that are exposed to adverse weather conditions. Storms and heavy waves can result in unforeseen delays. Damages to vessels can clearly result in an  insecure working environment. As a result, Subsea 7 needs to rely heavily on weather forecasts to ensure steady and safe operations.

Conversely, forecasts give Subsea 7 accurate information to carry on with operations where it might otherwise have impaired activities. If the weather improves and it turns out that it was unnecessary to wait for a storm to calm down, they could face financial consequences and upset clients. It’s all about keeping a balance between costs and operability.

MeteoGroup provides forecasting for fixed locations, specific sites and various routes. Our in-house experts have in-depth knowledge of the industry and can advise on both on meteorological as well as sector requirements. MeteoGroup also provides the probabilistic forecasts based on precise location and pre-set thresholds that are far more accurate than the previously used weather information.

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Forecasts give Subsea 7 accurate information to carry on with operations where it might otherwise have impaired activities.