Energy - Which activities are you seeking to optimize?

The global energy sector is continually faced with a number of ever changing circumstances. From socio-economic and political factors to ever-increasing demands for sustainability. From fluctuating energy prices  to new forms of competition. From the need for maximum reliability and safety, to dealing with the consequences of climate change. 

MeteoGroup’s Energy solutions improve trading decisions as well as short and long-range generation, transmission, maintenance and distribution planning.

Balancing Supply and Demand: MeteoGroup provides highly accurate and continuously updated weather analyses and solutions, giving you access to the forecasts and weather data you need to make the best trading decisions possible.

Wind & Solar-Power Forecasts: Naturally, you want to avoid penalties imposed by grid operators and optimize your power-marketing strategies. MeteoGroup provides you with accurate and reliable wind and solar power forecasts at both park and portfolio level.

Grid Stability: As a Transmission or Distribution System Operator, you need to efficiently manage fluctuating wind and solar power generation, optimize available grid capacity and avoid powerline congestion. The weather can create challenges for planning and operations; therefore a reliable weather forecast is vital. 

Workable Weather: You need to make your day-to-day planning as simple as possible, increasing efficiency while ensuring the health and safety of your staff. MeteoGroup provides accurate weather analysis and metocean data, powered by the world's most accurate weather models and ensemble forecasts.