Insurance - Assessing risk and optimizing claims handling

On a global scale weather related insurance claims are rising. Risk management and assessment as well as claims handling and processing require detailed and accurate weather and climate information.

Accumulation events require processing high numbers of claims in a very short period of time. Reliable claims forecast reports for specific weather events help insurance companies to react faster and more efficiently. 

Claims Management and Damage Prevention: As an insurer, you need to be able to save costs, minimise risk and manage environmental impact. MeteoGroup helps you translate comprehensive weather data into meaningful business decisions, allowing you to make the critical decisions you need to make on a daily basis more effectively.

Risk Exposure & Insurance Calculations: To efficiently assess risk and project financial impact, you need the most reliable weather information on the market. Using the most comprehensive datasets available, MeteoGroup offers you data tailored to your specific needs. With 35 years’ worth of historical data , you can plan for “that severe weather event” before it happens by more accurately calculating premiums and ensuring necessary preventative measures are in place.