Media - It's showtime!

MeteoGroup provides a comprehensive range of bespoke weather presentation solutions and tailormade services for media companies worldwide.

We provide meteorological expertise and forecasting data through our experienced team of over 150 meteorologists. With our own in-house graphics, development and customer service teams, we support a whole range of media companies, on radio, TV, print, podcasts, on the web as well as mobile (apps).

We support you during the whole implementation process and offer expert advice on style, content and workflows.

WeatherSuite is a package of four closely integrated software solutions for weather visualisation. With our real-time visualisation and play-out tool, WeatherPresenter, as the main component, WeatherSuite is completed by MeteoEarth, the tool to track worldwide weather events in real-time, and our 2D and 3D Graphic Engines, Daviz and Terra.

WeatherClips are our pre-rendered clips ready for broadcast. They can easily be integrated into your playlist by drag and drop and come in four different designs. This is a great solution for smaller budgets.

Weather studio: MeteoGroup is your partner in your daily operations and production. Outsourcing the production of your weather show can offer you significant cost reductions without compromising on customization or quality. We can offer you a fully equipped studio and professional presenting service, producing your show from start to finish, eliminating the need for editorial, meteorological and operations staff, and reducing your studio-capacity needs.

Our WeatherServices provide you with everything you would expect from full service weather experts: whether it is a complete set of graphics, meteorological advice, support and consultancy or a complete weather show produced in our in-house studios.