Offshore - Safety First!

The weather is unpredictable. To counteract this unpredictability and ensure the safe completion of your offshore operations, you need the most up-to-date forecast data available. Our suite of forecast data, with specialised offshore and harbour forecasts, is available worldwide, so you can be confident in your decision-making wherever in the world you operate.

Coastal Engineering: Whether you are dredging navigation channels or building new harbours or coastal defences, you need to get the job done safely and in the specified time frame. Our portfolio of dedicated marine forecasts and solutions will give you confidence in your planning.

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production: From early exploration through planning, construction, production and decommissioning, you need access to the most reliable weather data to ensure optimized processes at every stage of your operations. 

Offshore Asset Design and Planning: You need to be able to analyze the design, location and structure of your offshore operations, and above all minimize the associated risks. 

Port, Harbour and Terminal Logistics: Whether you are responsible for a port, harbour or terminal, you need to be able to safely and effectively manage your day-to-day vessel traffic and operations such as berthing, loading and unloading and onshore operations. Timely arrivals and departures and swift loading and unloading saves you precious time and money – but they require data you can rely on. 

Offshore Renewable Energy: From site evaluations to construction, you need to have confidence in the forecast services you base your operational decisions on. 

SubSea Construction: You need to be able to confidently plan safe and reliable offshore operations, and for that you need the most reliable weather data. 

Emergency Response Services: An emergency can occur even when all precautions are taken. And at sea even a small mishap can quickly grow into a major calamity. That’s where the Emergency Response services of MeteoGroup come in.