Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Few sectors are so dependent on the weather as the Transport sector. Apart from our Shipping solutions, MeteoGroup offers a wide range of solutions for the Transport sector. From Road Maintenance to Airport operations and Railway solutions.

Road Maintenance 24/7/365: Ensuring the resilience, safety and cost-effective maintenance of your road network is a full-time job. You need to know when to treat the roads to keep them safe and how to plan your staff, reduce costs and limit environmental impact. 

Airport Air-side Operations: Running on schedule and ensuring safety are two of the most important requirements for your airside operations. You need to be able to make more confident decisions on how and when to treat your runways, reducing delays, saving money and ensuring safety.

Rail Network Safety & Availability: Avoid chaotic train delays and make sure that your rail network is safe and clear at all times. Our tailored forecast solutions will help you make better decisions and optimise maintenance activity when it’s most critical, keeping your trains running on time, safely and efficiently whilst reducing operational costs.

De-icing Operations: You need your de-icing operations to be efficient, and for that you need the most accurate wing-temperature data. Our combination of observations and forecasts allows you to plan ahead for icy conditions more efficiently, helping you increase safety and reduce transfer times.