Water: limiting the impact of rain on operations, assets and infrastructures

Water is a prerequisite for life. However, water can also be a severe hazard – to people as well as infrastructure. In your professional capacity, you are responsible for efficiently and safely operating public and private assets and in order to do this you need to effectively manage precipitation related risk.

You cannot influence the weather,  but you can be better prepared to minimise its impacts on your operations.


In 2017 MeteoGroup  and its partner KISTERS unveiled HydroMaster, a new cloud service for weather information, forecasts and warnings. This product was developed in response to extreme precipitation events that are increasing in frequency and intensity due to increased urbanisation, population growth and climate change.

With HydroMaster’s live web service, customers can view, analyse and archive historical, current and upcoming precipitation events. HydroMaster is the perfect tool for effectively managing precipitation-related risks and ensuring preventive actions are taken to minimise the impact on infrastructure and assets.

The professional cloud service for weather information and forecasts helps local authorities, cities and municipalities, infrastructure owners and utility companies to be better informed and prepared about flood events.

In 2018 the addition of DHI Group as a third partner to the HydroMaster partnership, is adding hydrologic intelligence, expertise and data to the HydroMaster product as well as enhancing international sales and marketing.

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For more information: HydroMaster.com