Detailed claim forecasts as soon as a severe weather event happens

As an insurer, one of your biggest challenges is accurately forecasting claims. You need to process a high number of claims in a short period of time, adjust resources and assess potential financial losses. ClaimsForecast is the first forecasting solution for the insurance industry, helping you keep claim-associated costs down and optimize your customer service.

Reduce overall claim-processing time with detailed claims forecasts

Our daily calculations and damage-type classifications will help you speed up the claims process, lowering costs and ensuring customer satisfaction. We can provide the number of expected damage reports at any given time at regional and postcode level

Product highlights

Predictive model calculations

ClaimsForecast is powered by a predictive forecast model that analyzes over 200 weather factors via historical damage reports and meteorological data, guaranteeing full confidence in the forecast.

Multiple data sources

In combination with our own weather-station network, at MeteoGroup we use radar observations, lightning measurements and hail detection and analysis to create reliable forecasts.

State-of the-art-technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you better planning and greater savings through the latest technological innovations, ever-greater data accuracy, decades of expertise and consistent reliability.

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What our customers say

Accumulation events require processing high numbers of claims in a very short period of time. Reliable claims forecast reports for specific weather events enable us to react more quickly and efficiently. With the help of the claims forecast we have implemented a defined activity plan, improving our capacity management and helping increase operational productivity.

Uta Buchholz Department Head, Central Service & Claims Management, Gothaer Schaden-Service-Center GmbH

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