Forecasts & Climate Data

Up-to-the-minute weather data for your power-demand estimates

You need the most realistic forecast data for your power and gas demand estimates. Our forecasts and analyses enable you to make time-critical decisions with confidence.

Make more confident decisions

You need accurate and reliable forecast data to anticipate power supply and demand. A combination of models such as real-time ECMWF, GFS and our large network of observation stations power our sophisticated forecasting model.

Product highlights

Wind & Solar-Power Forecasts

Highly accurate wind and solar-power forecasts are crucial for intraday and day-ahead activities alike. Multiple models combined with statistical forecasting techniques power our forecasts, which are tailored to your specific regions. Our stable IT infrastructure includes a back-up power supply, guarantying service delivery at a minimum of 99.5% of the time.

Optimize your energy demand plans

Packaged for your specific needs, our climate data is gathered from 17,000 stations worldwide, plus our own network of 1600 MeteoGroup-owned observation stations, allowing you to run detailed analyses and make more effective decisions.

State-of-the-art technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you better planning and greater savings through the latest technological innovations, ever-greater data accuracy, decades of expertise and consistent reliability.

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What our customers say

MeteoGroup is the first place to go if the weather can impact your business. Keep up the great work and thank you to the staff.

Simon Cardy Senior Meteorologist, SSE

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