Historical Data

Using past data to predict future risk

To assess risk and make accurate insurance calculations, you need a reliable stream of historical data and hail statistics. Covering all weather parameters, MeteoGroup’s decades-long time series and global approach provide a single, reliable source for checking the probability of extreme conditions.

Complete dataset

We simulate any missing or inaccurate key data using advanced mathematical techniques, ensuring that you always have the most complete and reliable data - essential for dealing with weather derivatives and assessing risk for insurance products.

Product highlights

Wide range of parameters

MeteoGroup’s historical data includes wind speed, direction, temperature, dew point and precipitation. The data is conveniently broken down into hourly intervals and daily summaries.

Location-specific hail data

Our hail data offers you exact dates of hail storms and damage locations by address, including geographic coordinates, damage-location heights and hailstone size.

Measurement network

Our historical datasets are driven by 17,000 weather stations all over the world and a private weather-measurement network of approximately 1,600 stations, ensuring you have the most reliable dataset available.

Hail detection

Combining radar data and a sophisticated in-house hail detection methodology, MeteoGroup offers you temporally and spatially precise data on the frequency of hail events in Germany for the last 10 years, with 90% accuracy in estimating hailstone diameter on any given day. Further processing of the statistics is available in geo-information systems (GIS).

State-of the-art-technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you better planning and greater savings through the latest technological innovations, ever-greater data accuracy, decades of expertise and consistent reliability.

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What our customers say

Accumulation events require processing high numbers of claims in a very short period of time. Reliable claims forecast reports for specific weather events enable us to react more quickly and efficiently. With the help of the claims forecast we have implemented a defined activity plan, improving our capacity management and helping increase operational productivity.

Uta Buchholz Department Head, Central Service & Claims Management, Gothaer Schaden-Service-Center GmbH

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