Modelled Time Series

Reliable insurance calculations based on accurate weather information

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Weather is unpredictable, and if you have a business that is affected by weather, you need to be able to efficiently analyze and manage the risks that unpredictability brings. For this, you need to know you are receiving the most reliable weather information. We offer modelled time series data based on a combination of ECMWF data and MeteoGroup’s own downscaling methods. Our models can examine local meteorological conditions and exposure risks anywhere in the world, improving profitability through more accurate premium cost calculations.

Reliable modelled time series for efficient analysis and risk management

Our models refine more than 37 years’ worth of real and modelled time series data from ECWMF reanalysis and deterministic model data. The modelled time series product ranges from 75°N to 50°S.

Product highlights

Accurate weather-index-based insurance

With our historical data going back as far as 1979, you can immediately define the perfect coverage structure for your customer’s financial objectives. Our global data helps ensure reliable risk analysis, providing consistent high resolution data for settlement purposes, and calculations of trends and long-term expected values.

Wind frequency measurement

This fully customizable service will help you plan your construction work and scaffolding management. Get information on the frequency of wind speeds from specific directions at any weather station, for any defined period, with our wind rose diagrams.

State-of the-art-technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you better planning and greater savings through the latest technological innovations, ever-greater data accuracy, decades of expertise and consistent reliability.

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What our customers say

Accumulation events require processing high numbers of claims in a very short period of time. Reliable claims forecast reports for specific weather events enable us to react more quickly and efficiently. With the help of the claims forecast we have implemented a defined activity plan, improving our capacity management and helping increase operational productivity.

Uta Buchholz Department Head, Central Service & Claims Management, Gothaer Schaden-Service-Center GmbH

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