Nowcasting Pro6

High-resolution metocean forecast services ensure your important decisions don't have to "wait on the weather"

Featuring high-resolution metocean data, this planning tool provides quality forecast information to make your “waiting on weather” decision-making easier, increasing safety and lowering the environmental impact of offshore operations.

Advanced Metocean Forecasts

Nowcasting Pro6 provides forecasts based on the most advanced metocean forecast models available. Get hourly data and forecasts for up to five days ahead, updated four times per day and tailored to micro-regions down to 10 km wide.

Product highlights

Ease of Use

Weather maps and graphs visualize elements critical to your project, with forecast data downloaded in “blocks” of one degree longitude by one degree latitude. Nowcasting Pro6 offers global coverage, including all major oil and gas basins.

Alerts & Configuration

Completely customise your parameters for data and alerts in our unique weather window view to make your operational planning easier.

Key Parameters

Choose and set your key parameters, including wind speed and direction, significant wave height, swell height and surface current.

Archived Forecasts

Forecasts are automatically archived and are immediately available for later reference.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you technological innovation, data accuracy, expertise and reliability.

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What our customers say

There are strict rules for the weather conditions in which we are allowed to transport the heavy foundations. To use personnel and material efficiently, we need accurate weather data, tailored specifically to our location.

Andreas Wellbrock Director BLG Logistics Wind Energy

MeteoGroup is the first place to go if the weather can impact your business. Keep up the great work, and thank you to the staff.

Simon Cardy Senior Meteorologist, SSE

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