Reduce costs and improve safety for optimal ship routing and performance analysis.Expertise from master mariners combined with accurate weather information delivers optimum routing information for all ships.

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As a trader, charterer, owner or vessel manager, you need to detailed weather information to select the optimal route for maximum vessel performance. RouteGuard allows you to plan before, during and after a voyage. You can more accurately plan your routes ETA while saving time and fuel. Adverse weather alerts for your planned route enable you to plot an alternative path while ensuring the safety of the crew and cargo.
  • Save fuel and time
  • Secure safe voyages
  • Unburden captains
  • Improve fleet operational efficiency

Nautical MeteoBase

MeteoGroup's Nautical MeteoBase combines weather information from the most respected global forecasting models (ECMWF, UK Meteorological Office & NCEP) producing a single higher-quality forecast. SPOS9 also comes with forecasts on Wind Gusts, Wind speeds at 50 meters height, and Wind and Wave Risk parameters.


Reduced sailing time means lower CO2 emissions, allowing you to improve your sustainability and limit environmental impact.

Post-Performance Analysis

Perform a post-voyage performance analysis on your vessel based on data recorded during the trip to detect underperformance and act accordingly.

Route Network

Route Network provides routing options based on the thousands of routes created by MeteoGroup over the years. All possible passages to and from ports, through canals, through TSSs and ECAs.

Interactive Maps

A built-in, interactive Google Maps interface gives you a visual overview so you can monitor your fleet, routes and performance all at once.

State-of-the Art technology

Continuous improvements to our sophisticated weather solutions guarantee you technological innovation, data accuracy, expertise and reliability.

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