Taking the world's leading routing solution to the next level

With SPOS9 (SPOS=Ship Performance Optimization System) it is easier than ever for captains and ship owners to save fuel, time, emissions, and increase ship safety. This ultimate weather routing solution for ocean-going vessels even integrates data and functionality easily into your other systems, including back-of-bridge voyage planning systems.

Industry's first real variable-speed algorithm

Only MeteoGroup SPOS9 offers a variable-speed weather algorithm capable of calculating the most cost-effective route.

variable speed algorithm

Pre-built ship models

Increase the overall route-planning accuracy and remove complexity for the crew by using a real time library of ship models – developed with the MARIN institute.

Expert routing network and new maps

Our expert network includes all possible passages through canals, TTS', port approaches, and more. This makes it even easier to plan your route from port A to port B.

Configurable back-to-shore reporting

Free your captains from excessive reporting burdens by using this easily configurable reporting dashboard while using the reporting system of your choice.

Voyage trim optimization

As a ship is continuously exposed to the elements, her optimum trim condition changes with bow shape, propeller efficiency and more. SPOS Trim-Advisor™ calculates the optimum trim for your voyage – taking these ship characteristics, voyage loading conditions, and waves into account.

SPOS to GRIB conversion onboard

Share the best forecasts with other onboard systems. SPOS9 can be configured to save our forecasts as GRIB files in a shared folder where other onboard map display systems can import them. This empowers you to have the clear weather picture on any voyage planning and voyage operation system.

Withstand weather conditions with Seakeeping Module

Protect your motion-sensitive ships and cargoes. Avoid dangerous ship motions that can result in losing containers and cargo movement, or cargo liquefaction and fluid movements. SPOS9 offers this optional plug-in module for even better performance and increased safety of your fleet.

FleetGuard. The world’s most comprehensive SaaS fleet management solution

FleetGuard provides a state-of-the-art actionable dashboard for operators and operations managers and deep insight for performance managers, all delivered through a modern cloud portal. FleetGuard can be fully integrated with SPOS9 to offer a robust solution.


MeteoGroup constantly improves its unique forecasting model that takes the best of all available global models, mixed with regional models. SPOS9 also comes with Wind Gusts, Wind speeds at 50 meters height, and Wind and Wave Risk parameters for more situational awareness and better voyage planning. Our Climatological weather database, used for route calculations where the voyage exceeds the forecast length of 9 days, is updated and represents average monthly values for the last 15 years.

Support and Consultation

Our expert team of more than 150 meteorologists is on hand 24/7/365 to provide consultation and support, pointing out critical weather incidents before they happen and providing the trend information that will help you do your job better.

Port to port planning

Port to port route planning

Creating a voyage template has become simpler than ever. Just click together your port rotation without any additional waypoints.

Download updates

Always use the latest version of SPOS9

Quickly check for SPOS9 updates and download them on the fly. Or subscribe to receive software updates via mail.


Better than ever before

The extended port database of SPOS9 provides over 3.000 ports.

SPOS9 contains map overlays for ECA zones (incl. China), dangerous goods, MARPOL and more.

The advised voyage speed is shown clearly on the map.

A route comparison table shows voyage costs, split in ECA and non-ECA, fuel and ship.

The route calculation options of SPOS9 are simplified to time, cost or fuel.

The noon reports of SPOS9 can be pre-filled, edited and re-submitted.

SPOS9 offers noon reporting in port with berthing reports and in port reports.

What People Say About SPOS9

  • With SPOS9 it is easier than ever for our captains to save fuel and time, and to increase ship safety.
  • The variable speed algorithm is amazing. It calculates the optimum route using elements like bad weather, traverse ECA zones, RPM/speed ranges or fixed ETA.