Reduce voyage costs while ensuring safety with real-time onboard route optimization

Route-planning and optimization involves juggling safety, efficiency, navigation, costs, port rotation, ETA’s, speed ranges and additional constraints, such as trim and seakeeping. For ship captains this is a complex challenge that requires the aid of a decision-supporting tool to support route planning and execution. MeteoGroup developed SPOS9 (Ship Performance Optimization System) to address these challenges.

Reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel and time

SPOS9 expertly calculates routes with the lowest voyage cost under all circumstances. Industry's first variable-speed algorithm allows severe weather to be bypassed and reduces your CO2 emissions, while saving fuel and time. 

variable speed algorithm

Increase ship safety

Avoid heavy weather and reduce downtime and damage to crew, ships and cargo. Our expert network includes all possible passages through canals, port approaches, and more. Making it easier and safer to plan your route from port A to port B.

Unburden Captains

A real time library of pre-built ship models - developed with the MARIN institute - supports captains by removing complexity and delivering more accurate routing.


Voyage trim optimization

As the ship is continuously exposed to the elements, her optimum trim condition changes with bow shape, propeller efficiency and more. SPOS Trim-Advisor™ calculates the optimum trim for your voyage – taking the ship characteristics into account, as well as voyage loading conditions and waves.

SPOS to GRIB conversion onboard

Share your forecasts with other onboard systems. SPOS9 can be configured to save forecasts as GRIB files in a shared folder where other onboard map display systems can import them. This empowers you to have consistent weather information on all voyage planning and voyage operation systems.

Avoid dangerous ship motions

Protect your motion-sensitive ships and cargoes. Avoid dangerous ship motions that can result in losing containers and cargo movement, or cargo liquefaction and fluid movements. SPOS9 offers the optional Seakeeping plug-in module for even better performance and increased safety of your fleet.

Manage your fleet with FleetGuard

FleetGuard provides a state-of-the-art actionable dashboard for operators and operations managers with deep insights in the overall performance of your fleet. All delivered through a modern cloud portal. FleetGuard can be fully integrated with SPOS9.


Nautical MeteoBase

MeteoGroup's Nautical MeteoBase combines weather information from the most respected global forecasting models (ECMWF, UK Meteorological Office & NCEP) producing a single higher-quality forecast. SPOS9 also comes with forecasts on Wind Gusts, Wind speeds at 50 meters height, and Wind and Wave Risk parameters for more situational awareness and better voyage planning. Our Climatological weather database, used for route calculations where the voyage exceeds the forecast length of 9 days, is updated and represents average monthly values for the last 15 years.

Support and Consultation

Our expert team of more than 150 meteorologists is always available, 24/7/365, to provide consultation and support, pointing out critical weather incidents before they happen and providing the trend information that will help you do your job.


Just what you need

Nautical MeteoBase combines the most respected global forecasting models (ECMWF, UK Meteorological Office & NCEP) to produce a single higher-quality forecast.

Ship Profile Library contains advanced algorithms for the resistance impact of wind and waves on specific vessel types. Developed with MARIN it increases route planning accuracy and removes complexity.

Route Network provides routing options based on the thousands of routes created by MeteoGroup over the years. All possible passages to and from ports, through canals, through TSSs and ECAs.

Variable Speed Routing calculates optimum routes using variable-speed routing algorithms, considering bad weather, traverse ECA zones, RPM/speed ranges or fixed ETA.

Spliethoff optimizes efficiency with MeteoGroup SPOS9

“Weather Routing is a vital tool for us to ensure maximum safety for our crews, cargoes and vessels. It also helps us to save time, money and, of course, fuel. This is one way we can minimize the environmental impact of our ships. SPOS is used on board some 100 vessels in the Spliethoff Group, and in our office.”

What Our Customers Say About SPOS9

  • With SPOS9 it is easier than ever for our captains to save fuel and time, and to increase ship safety.
  • The variable speed algorithm is amazing. It calculates the optimum route using elements like bad weather, traverse ECA zones, RPM/speed ranges or fixed ETA.
  • SPOS9 further enables our Masters to safely navigate the globe with minimal fuel consumption and emissions, by calculating and recalculating optimum routes and anticipating oncoming weather and sea conditions.
  • With SPOS9 MeteoGroup has made some serious improvements like the routing network, the various routing options to optimize the voyage on fuel consumption, running cost and ETA. Moreover, pre-built ship models support our Masters with the decision to choose the optimum routing.