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Oceans connect every continent in the world and present a tremendous opportunity to move cargo and goods in an efficient, swift and optimized way. However, with those efficiencies come many hazards that affect sea transport in the high seas.

Rolling resonance and high waves can have a devastating impact on a ship and its cargo. There are several stories to tell about vessels that could get damaged due to heavy rolling or pitching. It’s not just about staying on your feet on the bridge. Or making an effort to avoid getting injured during ship motion. It’s also about the cargo. More specifically, how to prevent your valuable load from moving, falling or undergoing any other unwanted consequences.

Here is where MeteoGroup’s SPOS Seakeeping can fit in.

MeteoGroup’s marine turn-key solutions designed to enable captains and crew to optimize the route calculations according to provided weather forecasts, specific characteristics of the ship and motion limits.


But how can storms be avoided with SPOS Seakeeping?

The routing advice in the Seakeeping module is tailored to individual vessels (hull shape and dimensions) and therefore offers an optimized voyage performance that is unique for each ship. It forecasts ship responses and resonances along any route. It gives the captain and crew the tools to optimize their vessel route to quickly evaluate escape options in both direction and speed. They will have the ability to avoid an area with stormy conditions.

Even the most advanced vessels struggle. Imagine being on the world’s largest container ship, the CSCL Globe. A ship so large it can carry over 19,000 shipping containers, with gale force winds battering the bow, large amounts of seawater blowing over the deck and high waves that bounce the ship, it feels like it is out of control. Without MeteoGroup Seakeeping, it might be too risky for the captain and crew to make a 90 degree turn to circumvent the heaviest part of the storm.

The effects of high waves and force 10 or 11 winds on the sides of a CSCL Globe ship could seriously affect stability and cargo. However, a well-informed captain using MeteoGroup Seakeeping who has entered their shipping information properly into the Seakeeping program, can make safe and calculated decisions for route, crew and cargo. Sailing the ship into calmer waters, optimizing the route and away from hazardous weather.


What does SPOS Seakeeping have to offer?


With SPOS Seakeeping, captains can define vessel loading conditions and motion threshold values. This advanced marine weather technology solution includes all translations and rotations to prevent accidents.

These parameters can be defined and combined for any given spot on the vessel and completed with the resonances.

Using SPOS Seakeeping charts, captains and crew can fully visualize forecasted motion values. Both the chart and polar diagrams display where motions are expected to exceed the threshold values; thereby giving them peace of mind and optimization opportunities. With route optimization, each potential motion is calculated and can therefore be avoided making each calculation unique to both route and to vessel. Once connected to a GPS, SPOS Seakeeping can also be used for real time motion predictions and provide a unique and compelling insight into possible speeds and directions to avoid ship motion risks.


What makes SPOS Seakeeping better than any other weather intelligence marine technology?

SPOS Seakeeping has been jointly developed by two of the worlds’ most experienced Maritime weather technology expert organizations, MeteoGroup and ABB motion specialists. MeteoGroup and ABB have combined their expertise enabling captains and crew to:

  • visualize the IMO resonances (parametric, synchronous roll, broaching and high waves) along the route
  • set thresholds for any ship movement; including degrees, vertical or horizontal movements, accelerations and even for sea sickness
  • optimize your route (via the normal route calculation functions) for your thresholds
  • optimize by displaying warnings or avoiding thresholds
  • display the motion attention and risk zones on the MAP and play through time
  • see all motions for each point on the calculated route or voyage
  • connect with loaded computer files to have the exact inputs

Making the wrong decisions at critical sailing times could cost you more than just your cargo. It could cost lives and damage your reputation and brand. SPOS Seakeeping can put those critical decisions into the right hands at the right time.

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