SPOS9 and FleetGuard

Improve fleet performance and utilization with aggregated weather data and routing insights

FleetGuard provides a state-of-the-art actionable dashboard for operators and operations managers with deep insight for performance managers, all delivered through a modern cloud portal. FleetGuard can be fully integrated with SPOS9, the ultimate voyage optimization tool for ocean-going vessels. Improve your fleet performance and utilization with aggregated vessel data and (actionable) alerting. Balance control on fleet utilization with individual vessel performance while keeping an overview of all moving parts. 

For your entire crew

With FleetGuard, you break down silo barriers and fragmented systems. It integrates SPOS9 and FleetGuard services and reports, all within a unified cloud system. This gives all of your users one place to go and one shared reality from which to manage your fleet.

FleetGuard is a fleet monitoring tool with a modular design. It provides a fleet view in real-time, from a global perspective down to the single vessel details, tracking vessel performance in different weather situations. Make comparisons between one and/or more vessels, and between one or more routes, helping to improve vessel performance on specific routes, or over periods of time.

  • FleetGuard takes care of correct ship-to-shore reporting, data processing, data quality, calculating performance and raising alerts and warnings, both towards the ship as to the operator. 
  • Adjust the system interface to meet the needs of different roles, from fleet operations manager to vessel performance manager
  • Access all FleetGuard data and processes via the API. Integrate customer owned and third party (ERP) systems to directly access, create, modify and request data and processes.