SPOS9 Seakeeping

Protect your motion-sensitive ships and cargoes

The SPOS9 Seakeeping module is designed to protect your motion-sensitive ships and cargoes. The new SPOS9 release is available with this optional plug-in module for even better performance and increased safety of your fleet.

The seakeeping and manoeuvring software for safe shipping

The SPOS9 Seakeeping module shows you how to avoid dangerous ship motions that can result in losing containers or cargo movement and it also helps you with how to avoid cargo liquefaction and fluid movements.

Plug-in modules like our new Seakeeping module, extends extra capabilities of SPOS9 while integration with FleetGuard and RouteGuard ensures shared reality across your entire team – on shore as well as onboard. Optimizing your voyage, taking ship motions and resonances into account, is now a fully integrated 1-click action that finds the optimum route on different speeds and headings while avoiding your set thresholds.