SPOS9 Trim

Best-in-class Trim optimization

The SPOS9 Trim module is designed to optimize trim prior to and during the voyage of your ships and cargoes. This SPOS9 plug-in module provides better performance and increased utilization of your fleet. Optimize your ship trim even during the voyage, based on the onboard ocean weather forecast, and waves. All data is based on a real ship model. It is highly accurate and a fraction of the cost of traditional trim optimization modelling with a ROI of a few voyages.

For ocean-going vessels

You are always balancing fuel consumption and time deadlines, without risking safety. SPOS9 can help with the industry’s first-ever real variable speed algorithm, automatic cost-optimized routing, our route network, expert ship models, and voyage trim optimization all built in.

Get the best results

Plug-in modules like our Trim module, extends extra capabilities of SPOS9 while integration with FleetGuard and RouteGuard ensures shared reality across your entire team – on shore as well as onboard

Help your captains and operators with SPOS9’s own fully configurable noon reporting. Operators easily define requirements by selecting parameters and min/max values. Onboard, your crews easily report all voyage characteristics back to shore.

You can now even use the SPOS9 SDK to integrate SPOS data and functionality into third party systems, including back-of-bridge voyage planning systems.